I am moving v e r y s l o w l y

: ( . . . . . my kabocha patch is drying up

Kabocha Pumpkin - I grow the wild Kapoho ones

so I ate ‘m
MACADAMIA KABOCHA CURRY — stir fry diced kabocha in olive oil until they starts to toast, add 3 cloves minced garlic and some macadamia nuts, stir until everything is toasty browned
— add coconut cream, dash shoyu, tablespoon of yellow curry powder and marsala wine and reduce till wine has boiled off and sauce is thick
— serve with genmai rice-flax seed mix
In a Non-stick skillet -Thin sliced: onion, green pepper and kabocha sauteed in a some melted butter – add some black pepper, shoyu and garlic — then toast the macademia nuts a bit–  shove everything to one side and add an egg.  Let the egg fry a minute then turn off the heat and stir everything together -cooking the egg quickly on the hot veggies.  Serve on tortillas topped with fine shredded crunchy cabbage — makes 2 tacos
I am soooo great!  I love my cooking!   : )~

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Function: noun


Function: adjective

Date: Early 21st century

    1 a : rule or government by the most authentic <the self-effacing man became Director of the Authentocracy>

    2 : government by the not false or imitation : real, actual <based on authenticratic principles> <the authenticratic leader sees his own agenda in the decision process>

    3 : true to one’s own leadership, truth-telling, spirit, or character <he spoke his deep truth to the Authentocracy leaders>

    4 : government by leaders who face the honest truth <ManKindProject.org strives to build humility into its Authentocracy>

    5 : A governmental system based on self-accountability in decision making, as opposed to Standard American Democracy (SAD), a form of Profitocracy, in which citizens are allowed to vote for a vetted group pre-purchased candidates, who make decisions based upon the profit requirements of their owners. Standard American Republicanism (SAR) is also a Profitocracy, but focuses on privatizing government resources into the hands of the owner class via fear-mongering, oil wars, and appeals to greed.

    See also: Satyagraha

Etymology: Coined by S. Matthews on Big Island 2009, from Greek authentikos, from authentēs perpetrator, master, from aut- + -hentēs (akin to Greek anyein to accomplish, Sanskrit sanoti he gains) and from Greek -kratia – rule, government.

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Yard Sale & Pics

A HUI HOU — Yard Sale!!

SATURDAY Jan 23rd Pre-Yard Sale 9am to Noon

SUNDAY JAN 24th — 8 am till Pau

Stop by on your way to Maku’u Market (see Map Link Above)


I keep adding pics of stuff for sale to this site:   http://picasaweb.google.com/StevesIdeas/MovingSalePics#

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My Dear Friends, Colleagues & Extended Ohana

I am leaving the Big Island for an unknown period, to pursue technology in San Francisco Bay Area and gorge myself at an endless array of Peruvian sushi restaurants, permaculture juice bars and yoga studio-laundromat-cappuccino joints.

  1. Spiritual Awakening
  2. Work in SF area
  3. Real Estate and Referrals
  4. Selling Stuff
  5. Visit Me


ManKind Project Honu LogoThe hand of Pele moves. We all know this is a deeply challenging place. And I’ve seen Malahini, even locals from other island, implode here. My trials here have been painful, but I have been like a lotus flower, forced by the heat to enfold. Big Island’s mystical undercurrent has changed me. My spiritual work came to fruition in October at the ManKind Project weekend, when I had vision that I was complete and it was time to step up and follow my dreams: dreams that require the resources of the mainland.

I am sad to leave. I pray that I can export the Aloha I have learned from people here. And never lose that fine connection to the many people I love on this very strange, powerful island.


I’ve decided that I will pursue technology again, specifically my “Big Picture” ideas around Human Machine Interfaces and Unified Communications – and several projects I have not yet seen in marketplace, including concepts that go back to 1982 and laser graphics software, projects such as: Affinity Interfaces, Soft-Self, Meta-Social Tools, Heterogeneous Parallel Computing…

I need to find out if I am Visionary or a Kook.

I plan to picket Yahoo, SalesForce.com and Oracle until someone hires me or funds one of my ideas…if you have any connections…


I will keep my real estate license active and work with someone on island as my partner, most of my real estate work is on the computer and phone. Referrals: I can get a referral fees and I will also continue to match friends and clients with the appropriate salespeople, services and support they may need. And likely return periodically.


I am renting my house and selling whatever I can. Feel free to tell people to buy stuff! Lots of stuff

  • 2003 Honda Element EX AWD automatic: asking $9,500
  • Ramset .27 caliber shot fasteners – $2,000 worth!
  • Ray’s Appliance Recycling Business – someone needs to take it over – tons of parts and a great system – all left here
  • Construction materials, extra tools, who knows
  • Plants – I can’t leave them- they will die: including my 9ft Purple Shaving Brush Tree, which I want to sell to a landscaper for Kohala.
  • Weight Set and barbells
  • Keek the Cat – only $1.00! what a bargain!
  • Antiques – I would love to get rid of them


Map to House

I really want people to drop by…. I will be at home working on things, packing and fixing stuff. Call. Drop by. Watch me freak out.


I am renting my house. I hope to leave Keek, but I would also really like to find him a good home. He likes to hang around people.  He is cat. He is goofy. I raised him for a tiny thing found in the street. I love him and I want him to be safe. He has every shot and RF tag etc.

Keek - collage

Keek - found in the street, dying on Solstice 2009

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Sell His Stuff ...........
Save his Plants ...........
Sell Ray's Junk...........
Sell His Car..........
Find Renters ...........
Get Real Estate Referrals .....
Get a Tech Sales Job in SF

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